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Hey mama ! Can we talk for a moment ? I mean really talk, talk.

If you don’t know me already, my name is Bri. I am a 20-something, single momma of an amazing little girl. I am also an author, creator of Mom’s Cafe Blog and I just so happen to work full time. What people don’t actually know about me, is that for many years of my life, I have felt lost. Ironically enough, feeling “Lost” is accompanied by a plethora of other emotional dilemmas. In my feeling lost, often times I was depressed, anxious, stressed and the biggest…I felt unfulfilled.

That was my biggest mountain to climb. I was lost because I was unfulfilled. I felt, even though I was living my life on the ‘right-track,’ I still was not doing what I have been put on earth to do. There was something constantly in the back of my mind telling me, ‘There’s gotta be more.’


I wasn’t living up to my full potential and this despair consumed me. It even caused me to miss  precious moments with my child in full because I was being robbed of my joy.

This voice changed from a soft whisper, to a full-on yell when a sudden family emergency occurred. One of those moments that reminds you how short life really is. This was the call-to-action for me. No longer will be consumed by negativity and hopelessness.  From that moment, I made the conscious decision to Live My Best Life.

Through this conscious decision, I have discovered that my purpose is to help other mamas like myself, come out of those “lost” feelings, and despair, so I created this 5-Day Online Guide to Live Your Best Life, complete with worksheets! LVBL graphic

Live Your Best Life, whatever that means for you! Have life and life more abundantly!