Christmas in Como: Traveling Mom Chronicles

As you may have read in the previous blog post, i am currently abroad on business. If you haven't read yet...Guess where I am?! *drumroll please* ITALY!!! wooooooo-hoooo Can you tell I'm a bit excited?! Now that my planning for travel without my baby is underway, I am a bit more at ease and can [...]


Traveling withOUT your Babies: Working Mother on the Go

As those of you who follow Mom’s Cafe on instagram, probably already know, I am currently traveling for work. This is something that may fluctuate from twice a year, to “depending on the need.” *Ode to business trips* For this particular trip I will be traveling to Italy. That is approximately 4,014 miles/ 6,460 km, [...]

A Disney Christmas

**My 5 yr. old enjoying the boat ride to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom When they said "The happiest place on earth," they were not kidding! I don't know who was more five year old (at the time)!or ME!! Last Christmas my daughter& I had the time of our lives in Walt Disney World [...]