How to Set Up a Homework Routine in 5 Easy Ways

Working full time, my evenings at home did not start as soon as school let out. My little and I would not reach home until about 2 ½ after school had been dismissed. This means we had limited time before bed, to get this done and eat a meal. With the amount of homework or how much time is needed to spend on homework varying quite a bit, it is hard to gage where to start, how to start, what to start on, but allow me to share a few things I found to make this easier.


How to Create a Simple Back To School Morning Routine

Back to School Time is here! Phew!

I know some of us mommies truly have been waiting for this moment, thinking to ourselves ‘Did summer get longer this year?’ Us mamas are ready, but are we really ready?

Mornings have seemed to always been one of my least favorite times. I was always rushing to beat the clock while trying to keep my sanity, all before I even got to my coffee, until one day I had a revelation to change the Back-to-School routine. Allow me to share it with you…

My Breastfeeding Journey : National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Mothers produce milk. Mothers feed baby. That was all there was to it right?

I hadn’t done much research on the topic at the time, 7 years ago, and had very little knowledge, other than the basics. The minimal information I did have, formed my viewpoint and shaped my expectations or lack thereof, on breastfeeding all together.