A Holiday Note to the Disheartened Mother : You are not Alone

I believe today is the last day of #blogmas for this year, but this blogmas post is going to be a little different than the others. Although all of the festivities are wonderful, the crafts, the movies...etc... I would just like to touch on the other side of Christmas, that is rarely discussed because it [...]


Christmas in Como: Traveling Mom Chronicles

As you may have read in the previous blog post, i am currently abroad on business. If you haven't read yet...Guess where I am?! *drumroll please* ITALY!!! wooooooo-hoooo Can you tell I'm a bit excited?! Now that my planning for travel without my baby is underway, I am a bit more at ease and can [...]

A Disney Christmas

**My 5 yr. old enjoying the boat ride to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom When they said "The happiest place on earth," they were not kidding! I don't know who was more excited...my five year old (at the time)!or ME!! Last Christmas my daughter& I had the time of our lives in Walt Disney World [...]

Blogmas: Mom’s Movie Classics

Hey Mom’s ! Christmas is here ! Time for joy, cheer and movie classics!! There’s nothing wrong with a BIG cup of hot cocoa (Don’t forget the marshmallows!) Grab your kiddies and teach ‘em about what we used to watch this time of year! It is our DUTY to bring the "old school" to the [...]

Holiday Traditions

YES! Christmas is here ! The holiday season is my favorite season! I am pretty confident that I have been waiting for this since December 26th...LAST YEAR! I know the little ones feel the magic in the air as well! At least mine does. The apple doesn’t fall far right ? I take this time [...]