Save on Back-to-School Shopping : Tips + Shop with Me

It’s July.

You’re probably thinking this mama is crazy but hear me out. I have just completed, in full, the back to school shopping for my little one.


Hello Spring…Break! Spring Break Ideas for Kids

Hey Mommies! Mom’s Cafe Blog is back with our Hello Spring Series ! This time discussing Spring Break Ideas for Kids.

Spring Break is around the corner and is a perfect time to reconnect with your children, build great experiences and give them fun, educational activities to partake in. The challenge is keeping our kids occupied during the numerous school breaks…

Here are some fun activity ideas…(and places to look) to help mommas everywhere get through Spring Break !

Hello Spring…Shopping 2! Money Saving Tips (Kids Wardrobe)

Hello Mommies !! We are back with part two of our Money Saving Tips when shopping for the kids’ new spring wardrobe ! If you haven’t checked out part 1, here it is! We’ve gone over the adrenaline rush of coupons and watching our totals decrease at check-out and why we should sign up for those otherwise, pesky email subscriptions. This time around we will be discussing other ways to save a coin and keep your kids clothes fresh, stylish and budget friendly!

Hello Spring…Shopping! Money Saving Tips (Kids Wardrobe)

Hello Mommies ! Spring is here ! Something we always know to be true during a change of season, is not JUST the change of weather, but the change in CLOTHES ! With growing little ones, each season, means a new wardrobe for our babies because they just won’t stop growing! This is one of the many realities of motherhood !