How to Create a Simple Back To School Morning Routine

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Back to School Time is here! Phew!

I know some of us mommies truly have been waiting for this moment, thinking to ourselves ‘Did summer get longer this year?’ Us mamas are ready, but are we really ready?

Back to school for a lot of us means frenzy, crazy hectic, rushed mornings. Lost shoes, inside out clothes…“where is your school bag” and literal spilled milk. Back to school mornings are literal cardio without the gym membership.  

Well mama, let me tell you, I am no different. Mornings seemed to have always been one of my least favorite times. I was always rushing to beat the clock while trying to keep my sanity, all before I even got to my coffee, until one day I had a revelation to change the Back-to-School routine. Allow me to share it with you…

backtoschoolroutine pin

Like a lot of people in the world, coffee helps me get myself together! And boy do I need it! But I don’t always have the time to make a pot in the morning…or to even pour the cup but there is a company that has truly helped me with that! Sudden Coffee, has been gracious enough to send us coffee for review and let me tell you mama, Sudden Coffee has been a true time saver in the coffee department! No machine is involved! All you need is the hot water. Coffee perfect for this mama on the go!

I throw the capsule in my purse, make school drop off time & I’m at work with my own smooth cup’ajoe!

For more information on Sudden Coffee and a free trial, for your cup on the go click here.


Now let’s talk morning prep.


Preparation, preparation, preparation! Prepping is such an important step in creating a functional back to school routine. This frees up mama’s mind-space, minimizes rushing, and it leaves us with a bit more time to address the “unexpected occurrences,’ if other areas have already been sorted. I say it’s worth the time investment…speaking from experience.

Before my big epiphany, I would prep to an extent. The problem wasn’t necessary prepping itself, but HOW I prepped!

For example, laying out an outfit for my little would happen the night before. As the school year went on, more activities on our plates, more homework, and trying to not drown in housework every evening, laying out an outfit became less consistent, leaving most of our mornings in a bit of chaos.

Instead of relying on having the energy the night before, I began prepping outfits for the week! I would do this anytime on the weekend. I prefer Friday evenings or Saturday morning. Choosing an outfit in full, down to underwear, so time won’t be spent looking for a matching pair of socks in the morning anymore! Mom-hack! Hash-tag “winning.”

Once all outfits have been chosen and ironed if needed, I label them with the days of the week they were to be worn.

*If you have a little fashionista like I do, make outfit prep an activity, incorporating the little one’s opinion on what he/she will wear throughout the week. Less stress and debates on outfit choices, I promise.

Prepping at least five outfits on the weekend, has saved me time and energy throughout the week, even if it’s only a couple of minutes saved each night.


Who doesn’t love a good list?! Grocery list, wish list, to-do lists. Lists are extremely helpful, so why not make another one?

I’ve found that lists help keep myself AND my little one on track in the morning. Can’t forget the essentials if they are all there to be marked as ‘Complete.’

Not only can lists make sure nothing is forgotten in the hustle and bustle of a back to school morning routine, but they also can increase your child’s level of independence, responsibility and organization.

*If your child is not quite reading just yet, a checklist of pictures relating to the activity can do just the trick.

With a morning routine checklist, your child is able to complete the necessary morning tasks on their own with little-to-no help from mom. Isn’t that great?! We might actually be able to focus on ourselves for more than five minutes in the morning!  

Time Management

Speaking of time…How often are we suddenly running out the door to catch the bus or beat the traffic? I can’t even tell you mamas how many times we’ve just missed pick-up. I have had to drive along the bus route to make sure my daughter gets on that BUS! Can any other mama say they’ve done this? Let us know in the comments!

This most likely was due to a misstep in time management. Thinking you had a few extra minutes to brush hair or that stuck jacket zipper really put up a fight that morning. Proper time management in the morning can help alleviate stress, panic and sweat…

Not complaining about the cardio but no one wants to work up a sweat right before they’re out the door!

To manage time at home, I use what I already have, and that is…my smartphone.

I set my cell phone’s alarm feature in intervals. Each time the alarm rings, it is for a different reason…the reason is indicated by the specific alarm “sound,” or by naming the alarm itself.

Let me show you a screenshot directly from my phone.



As you can see, I’ve set an alarm every 15 minutes in the morning. It’s a reminder to the entire household what should be happening next, keeping everyone on track…including myself ! 

*Give yourself a buffer. With young or multiple children, keeping everyone on track may be challenging, therefore giving yourself an extra window of time just might do the trick in keeping your family on schedule! For myself, my alarm will ring when it is “Time to Go” at least 5-10 minutes before I should leave, and then again more urgently when it is the deadline to get out of the house.  If I had heeded my first alarm, we should be ready without delay for the second notification!

Share with us your back to school routine in the comments. We’d love to hear how you tackle mornings with your little ones.



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