Guest Post – Postpartum Thyroid Problems

Hey mamas! Just wanted to share this post from a fellow blogger regarding post-party health! Give it a read. Super informative!!

Happy Healthy Tash

Guest post written by Emma Ciarleglio

I’d like to raise awareness for postpartum thyroid problems by telling my personal story.

Information About the Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland plays a really important role in our bodies and produces the hormone T4 which is converted to T3. The T3 hormone directly influences our metabolism. If too much is secreted, we can develop hyperthyroidism and if too little is secreted, we can develop hypothyroidism. Both conditions can cause a whole range of unwanted symptoms and can even be potentially life threatening if left untreated.


I developed hypothyroidism which was found completely by chance a few months after the birth of my first baby.

One day I woke up and noticed a lump at the front of my neck. After showing it to my family and discussing it with them, I promptly booked a doctor’s appointment which then led to blood tests…

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