Our Trip to NYC : A Summer Adventure

Hey lovelies! We are back with another summer adventure! If you’ve missed our first adventure, you can get caught up here. We’ve decided (with the approval of my little one) to document what we’ve been up to this summer and create our Summer Adventure Series and we are so happy we get to share this with you all! Comment on this post if Instagram led you here ! If not, be sure to check out our Instagram page, where we post vids of our Summer Adventures on our Instagram TV channel ! Here’s the Link:

Now off to the adventure!


Thank God for Aunties! My dearest best friend, so close to me she’s my sister, called me up one evening and explained she wanted to take my daughter out for a day of fun! Next thing you know, we are waking up the next day to get ourselves together to go on a super fun all-day trip to NYC.

It was a long way from home but that was half of the fun part!

It was A’s first memorable time on an NYC subway. I myself grew up as a city kid, but this is all new to my little one and boy was she excited!

I explained which direction we were headed Downtown! I gave directions on how we would return, and I was so proud at how she took notes and led us some of the way!


Where were we headed ? We were on our way to a super cool restaurant, if you will, called Cool Mess! I had no idea they even existed! If you mamas are from or visiting the New York area, they are located off of E 62nd street (near Park Avenue.) I highly recommend the visit.

This is a super cool spot, yet quaint, where you and your children get to make your own ice cream! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this before! We’re not affiliated with Cool Eats, nor is this post sponsored but if anyone is looking for something fun to do in New York City, here’s their website link. Go check it out!

Thanks sis! We had a blast!

A & her Auntie ‘N’

To make our day even more spectacular we took a short 8 minute walk down to the infamous Central Park and Central Park Zoo. This was another first for A that day. She’s never been to Central Park and I myself haven’t been in years. It’s funny how much you can miss the city and not even know it! Our travels were so nostalgic for me.

This has been another great adventure! We met new friends, made and ate our own food creations and had some outdoor play time!


Central Park, NYC

Are there any fun kid-friendly restaurants in your area that your family loves to visit? Where should we go in your area? Let us know in the comments.

We’d love to see what you are all up to with your little one’s this summer! Please feel free to share some with us some pics/videos on our social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SummerAdventureMCB so we can see it all! You can even share ideas with us on what to do next! We love keeping up with you. 🙂


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