WE FOUND A PARK! A Summer Adventure

Mom’s Cafe Blog’s Summer Adventures Adventure 1:

We Found a Park


Hey lovelies! Bri here! We’ve decided (with the approval of my little one) to document what we’ve been up to this summer and create our Summer Adventure Series! This is our first post regarding our summer adventures and we are so happy we get to share this with you all! Comment on this post if Instagram led you here ! If not, be sure to check out our Instagram page, where we post vids of our Summer Adventures on our Instagram TV channel ! Here’s the Link ! 

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Now on to our adventure…

6E10FAD7-AC07-4AB8-9FBA-BA2FEA3F5F9DWe found a gorgeous park in our neighborhood. It seemed, to me at least, that this was a hidden gem. I’ve never heard anyone mention this park AND we found it by accident! We’ve stumbled across this park during an errand run, as we were driving along in a direction we don’t usually take. Tucked behind a wall of trees, I noticed a large field of green and what seemed to be

Turning down the next block, I found the entrance to this hidden gem.

The parking lot was huge but no one was there! There was a baseball field, soccer field, TWO jungle gyms, plenty of paths for walking, jogging and bike riding. It even had a putting green for miniature golf. WhaaAaat?! It was Park Heaven. Immediately upon parking, my little and I get out to explore. Here’s a snippet of what  we found:

FULL video available here

Coming at a time where I, and the little one were definitely in need of a quaint outdoor space, close to home, where we could unplug and live life while appreciating our surroundings, this was perfect! We now have our new favorite park to go to! We’ve already been a few times since this adventure and we even had a picnic there 🙂

It has become our new favorite place to hang 🙂

Do you and your little one’s have a favorite place to frequent in your neighborhood? How did you find out about it? Why is it your fave? Let us know in the comments.

We’d love to see what you are all up to with your little one’s this summer! Please feel free to share some with us some pics/videos on our social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SummerAdventureMCB so we can see it all! You can even share ideas with us on what to do next! We love keeping up with you. 🙂


Unitl Next Time…