Save on Back-to-School Shopping : Tips + Shop with Me

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It’s July.

You’re probably thinking this mama is crazy but hear me out. I have just completed, in full, the back to school shopping for my little one.

Here’s the reason. If you’ve read our Spring Series, you know this mama loves to save a coin honey! Believe it or not, summer is the perfect season to do so!

Buying what you need off-season can save you lots in the long run. By that I mean buying summer clothes in the winter & vice versa!

I do keep in mind that little one’s grow quickly, so when shopping off season, I recommend purchasing items a size (or two) up where you see it will be needed. That way they will not outgrow the items before they’ve had a chance to wear them. Don’t want anything to go to waste!

There are great sales going on all summer, particularly around the 4th of July weekend in the US, followed by more deals the week after. I have snagged them all! If you’re not located in the United States, find out if retailers in your area drop prices around any national holidays.

Let’s get shopping !


I apply my same shopping methods discussed in parts 1 and 2 of our Money Saving Tips blog posts. In addition, I use other intentional tactics, explained below:

Shop Online

First, I begin my shopping online. In fact the majority of it has been done that way. This allows me to fully scope out products and pricing before spending time in the actual store. Because we all know time is something mamas always seem to be short of. Shopping in comfort & still finding deals! Wins all around!

Now on to my savings…

I hit the websites of my fave retailers; the ones I have signed up with my email & whom I’ve received sale notifications for. {I told you guys this comes in handy 😉 }

Here’s what I know from my faves this week:

Crazy 8

Sale valid thru 7/22/18:

*Up to 75% off the entire store at Crazy 8! This includes 40% off new arrivals and 50% off markdowns

In summer, all of the winter pants and tops (for any retailer) are usually under the sale section and/or clearance!

Tip: When off season, shop clearance first!

When shopping clearance online I have a better chance of finding things in the correct size, than I do in-store.

Crazy 8, is currently having an amazing deal on clearance. Items as low as $2.88!

You better believe I did NOT pass this up!

Let’s take a quick look at my cart:


Here are my biggest savings:


Original Price Sale Price

Extra Discount/Final Price Paid usd

Utility Jacket 39.88 20.99 12.59
Denim Top/Chambray Shirt 24.88 21.99 13.19
Turtleneck 16.88 6.99 4.19
*We cannot guarantee that you will receive products listed, for prices shown. Prices listed reflect retail costs in USD, at time of purchase. Gymboree/Crazy-8, under (Gym-Mark, Inc), reserve the right to alter, change and modify pricing at any time.

Now these savings amazed me! A fall jacket that I would have otherwise paid $40.00 for, I spent $13.00. That is less than half. In fact that is -67.5% off of the original price.

Whaaaaaaaatttttt?! That’s crazy (no pun intended) !

The Breakdown:

Now if I do the math for my entire cart, in comparison to original price (which I would have paid in fall/winter) vs. sale price + extra discounts it looks something like this:

Original Retail Price -Cart Total: $361.84

Price Paid-Cart Total: $134.34

Total saved: -$227.50


This deal is valid thru July 22nd. Seems like a long way from now but shop while supplies last lovelies!

BONUS TIP: Shopping off-season means there is no rush to receive the items! Use this to your advantage. Save on shipping costs, by selecting the retailers longest ship-time option, as we did below. You might be surprised. Economy shopping may turn out to be FREE. 


In case you’re not convinced, let’s take a look at how I did for Old Navy. We’re not affiliated with Old Navy, we’re just a happy consumer…

For my little one, I primarily shop Old Navy for their jeans & sweaters. Buying jeans can get a bit pricey, not to mention if you have multiple children. This time around, however, we’ve purchased 14 pairs of jeans/pants, 7 sweaters and a couple of tees, a retail value of $501.34.

Here’s a sneak peak at our cart:


Stop and comment how much you think we’ve spent total!

Drumroll please…

Our cart total $245!


How you ask? By compiling clearance shopping, store promotion AND an extra coupon code saving an additional $-66.05 (with the code alone), we’ve got the most bang for our buck here!


Thanks for shopping with us mamas and we hope you catch all the deals out there! Save on back-to-school shopping !

Let us know some of your fave retailers. We’d love to hear from you!





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