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Spring Gift Guide for The Whole Family

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When we moved to Ohio in our tiny home this year, we forgot about the arctic temperatures. So, when a 50 degree day hit, we acted like Alaskans at the beach! It spurred my mama heart to get prepping the family for this spring. So, here is a gift guide for surviving spring the fun way and some awesome little gifties for people you love whose birthdays are in the rainy season!

For Mama:

Succulents– These are beautiful, trendy, and (the best part is) it takes effort to kill them. Seriously, check my thumbs. No green in sight! These bad boys are hearty and don’t take a lot to thrive. They bring the outdoors in and liven up even the smallest spaces.

Sun Hat-(click HERE for 40% off!)-These floppy dome covers are super trendy right now. They also make me laugh because I picture a scene right out of a 50’s movie where all of the moms are wearing oversized sunglasses and full coverage swimsuits. Either way, they protect from the sun and you look super rad wearing them!

Cute Umbrella-Is it just me or does everyone misplace their umbrella exactly when it rains? I swear I own 14 of these just so I can have one in every possible place I might encounter a rainy day scenario. They are cute, affordable, and practical.

Killer Rain Goloshes (Click HERE for 50% off!)-While my wide calves require the shorter boot, a rain boot is a must-have, in my opinion. They are so versatile and encourage mama to play in the puddles with the kids. Now that’s a memory-maker!

For Dad:

Grill Gift Set -(Click HERE to get it 50% off!) This is a great gift for men who like to cook outside. It has everything he needs…and probably a few extras he will just hold but never use!

Eno Hammock-This is really a fantastic gift for anyone in the family! It is a double hammock so it holds up to 450lbs. We love to cram several people into it and chill out in nature. It also has a cool side pocket for your phone, iPod, or book.

Weather Radio-Practical for both the regular dad and the survivalist/prepper! This radio has a crank charge and is very lightweight and portable.

For The Kiddos:

Gardening Set (Click HERE for 60% off!)-Our kids like to be outside digging in the dirt, even when they make nothing but mud pies. This gardening set is cute and perfect for little hands to feel like they are pitching in.

Ziggles-Possibly one of the greatest inventions for kids of all time, it mimics our old school 80’s scooters. They can be used inside or out and, thanks to a good friend, we were introduced to our kids’ love of the fun they provide.

Bug Catching Kit  (Click HERE for 20% off!)-Who doesn’t want to learn while having fun? And, as a mom, I love that these are kept contained because I am not a big fan of bugs being released into our house!

Rain Boots (Click HERE for 50% off!)-These are fun and practical and will provide hours of puddle jumping fun for the kiddos!

For The Pooches:

Doggie Life Jacket (Click HERE for 30% off!)-We have one handy for our dog in case of a lake day or for long days where pup gets all doggie-paddled out!

Doggie Hiking Harness (Click HERE for 60% off!)-This is one of our fav purchases for our pup because she can carry her own food, snacks, and water dish along with her on hikes or overnights.

Foldable Water and Food Dishes (Click HERE for 40% off!)-To carry in your doggie hiking harness, these are made of a thick canvas material with a waterproof lining. They weigh almost nothing and come in a variety of sizes and colors and our pooch LOVES them!

Meet Brynn, Creator of  The Mama On The Rocks blog!


Bio Pic-Brynn

I am a wife, a mama, a writer, a teacher, and a lover of all things outdoors. I live tiny, love big, and laugh always. I write because it is cheaper than therapy and everyone needs that funny girlfriend to cut up with at 3am when your yoga pants are stained with nugget sauce and you just found your coffee still in the microwave from yesterday. You can thank me later, now that we’re BFFs. Check out more on www.TheMamaOnTheRocks.com!​


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