Hello Spring…Break! Spring Break Ideas for Kids

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Hey Mommies! Mom’s Cafe Blog is back with our Hello Spring Series ! This time discussing Spring Break Ideas for Kids.

Spring Break is around the corner and is a perfect time to reconnect with your children, build great experiences and give them fun, educational activities to partake in. The challenge is keeping our kids occupied during the numerous school breaks…

Here are some fun activity ideas…(and places to look) to help mommas everywhere get through Spring Break !

Spring Break Ideas for Kids.png*photo (above) taken by XoBri LeeXo


We appreciate Groupon simply for its existence! Although, Mom’s Cafe Blog is not an affiliate of this site, we still love them and use them HABITUALLY! Finding new things isn’t as easy as it seems. After you’ve sung the “Daddy Finger” song a million times, colored outside the same lines, and read the same stories to the point of memory…you and your littles, just need something else. I am often searching Groupon for activities, for a discount price…hence the name! Whether it is roller skating, or painting classes Groupon is perfect for finding what’s in your area!

This past school break my daughter and I experienced a different activity each day of the week-long break on some awesome steals ! We went bowling (3 games for $10), and the bowling alley was not even 10 minutes away with traffic lights! I couldn’t believe that deal myself! We had a great day and it cost close to nothing. We even found some meal deals for an afternoon lunch. Definitely gets rid of the cabin fever!

Craft Day at Home 

Sometimes it’s easier on us mamas, if we just hang out with the kiddies at home and that is A-OK. Crafting at home is a great activity that your kids will forever remember. You can plant at home, make bird houses…or my daughters favorite…make slime ! You can choose the craft or brainstorm with your littles on the options. You choose the time and the level of mess mama…although making a big mess is more fun! Visit your local art supply store or check out what can come straight to your door on amazon. Here are two cute amazon craft options :

Movies Out or Movies IN 

Catch a matinee! Early movie showtimes at the theater, often are easier on the pockets, than prime time. Even if the theaters aren’t showing anything you or your little’s fancy, curl up and have a family movie night at home ! Make it an event mama ! Be themed if you want to…pajamas, Disney characters…just have it all in fun!


This may be a tough one to organize but if you know of any other mamas looking for something to do with/for their children to do, connect with them and see if it is possible for a mommy-kiddie play date ! This gives moms a slight break on entertaining the young ones, as they tend to entertain themselves together. You can even double it…pick a groupon activity for the kids to participate in together. My daughter and her bff will be painting pottery soon!

Visit the Local Library

Visiting your local library is free…you get fresh new stories to take home…can spend a few hours outside of the house, and more often than not, the local library hosts plenty of events for children at little or no cost. Register your child(ren) for one of the free activities there ! They may even have something mom can participate in too!



If you are looking to give your child something to do that is out of the ordinary, check out some Camps ! The misconception of the word “camp” to most parents…at least to yours truly…in the beginning, was that these are programs geared during one season only. It was kind of…a don’t know until you know…topic for me, but camps are not just for the summer. Often times, aside from your local daycare and recreation centers, there are facilities and organizations that offer programs for your child to participate in, particularly during scheduled school breaks. Perfect also if a “Spring Break” from work isn’t doable this time around.

I discovered these camps when I became fed up with paying daycare prices for little return. Don’t get me wrong mom, daycare is great and serves its purpose. Plus it provides a great social experience for the kiddies, however for a tirrrrreeeedddd working momma, I wanted to see a little bit more out of the hundreds of dollars spent for my daughter than the same routine day-in and day-out, now that she is a bit older. She was not learning a skill or a hobby, she had already passed their curriculum level…she was just there bored all day long until I picked her up in the evenings after work. I wanted a change and I could see, so did she. So I began googling.  

No one told me about these programs…and as a new mommy I found out on my own.

Now while it is not commonly known (so I thought), these programs often begin enrolling around the first half of the school year (September-ish)…on a first come-first serve basis for winter break and the second half of the year (January-ish) for the spring programs. (All relative to their own specific guidelines.) There may be extended enrollment periods, or acceptance closer to spring break, but once they’re full, THEY ARE FULL…and by the looks of how quickly camp slots filled EVERYONE knew about them EXCEPT  me!!

I now have these programs on my Mama Radar, and I plan accordingly.

Here’s where to look:

  • Local Museums: Art, Science, History etc…
  • Local Aquariums & Zoos: For the aspiring veterinarian or marine biologist the local zoo or aquarium may offer a week long program to the young ones to learn all they can about the animals they house and how to care for them
  • Local Dance Schools: Dance schools often offer dance camps for certain hours throughout the day…if it fits your schedule go for it ! Your child has fun + learns a skill
  • Local Theatres: Theatres (stage) also offer Drama Camps and acting classes…improv etc…during these school breaks. If you’re child is into the arts it may be a perfect fit for their passion !

Stop by, give a call or just browse the website for information on any camp offerings. Don’t think it’s too late momma…there may still be availability !

If your children are a bit older, there are even camps that will give them school credit or some sort of incentive for completion (good for H.S. and college prep)…subject specific. Your child’s school guidance office may have sign-up sheets for these programs and further information readily available.

What do you have planned for the little one’s this spring? Do you have a large age-range (if more than one child) ? How do you keep your children occupied? Share your #momstory! We’d love to hear from you.



    1. We haven’t seen that one yet! We love the tv show. Thanks so much for stopping by & reading! Crafts are always super fun. Do they enjoy painting on paper with brushes, finger painting or objects? My daughter loves to decorate “things” over canvas lol


  1. We fill our calendar with play dates during Spring break. I love your idea of dressing up and going to the movies, though! We might need to try that!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great list of ideas! We love craft day and visiting the library 🙂 I can’t wait till my kids get older and can enjoy camps!


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