Hello Spring…Shopping 2! Money Saving Tips (Kids Wardrobe)

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Hello Mommies !! We are back with part two of our Money Saving Tips when shopping for the kids’ new spring wardrobe ! If you haven’t checked out part 1, here it is! We’ve gone over the adrenaline rush of coupons and watching our totals decrease at check-out and why we should sign up for those otherwise, pesky email subscriptions. This time around we will be discussing other ways to save a coin and keep your kids clothes fresh, stylish and budget friendly!

Money Saving Tips2

If you’re anything like me momma, you put a lot of thought and purpose into things you do. Environmentally conscious, and prone to having your heart strings pulled while holding back a sea of tears at the thought of wasting !

I am such a sap.

There are certain things I wish to avoid especially when there are others who are less fortunate in the world. Aside from understanding the value of a dollar, as I am trying to teach its importance to my child, I do not want to throw away clothing that can be used, just because my daughter has outgrown it…Which is how we stumbled across using exchange and consignment companies.  

Exchange/Consignment Services

Exchange/Consignment services and online shops, often offer extreme discounts on name brand clothing and/or cash back for clothing items you exchange. Consignment services can save you from spending full price TWICE, if you need to purchase more clothing for your children during change of season or simply because they have outgrown their current threads. You can find a great deal!

Consignment services are basically an online thrift world ! (And don’t worry mommy, any submitted clothing gets professionally cleaned before you ever receive it)

One particular company stood out to us. We were instantly touched by The Lilladu Exchange, Here is why:

The Lilladu Exchange  is an online clothing exchange program, run by moms! These moms understand how quickly children grow out of garments and how much time (that moms don’t have) shopping takes! With services such as the Lilladu Exchange, you gain the personal stylist that you’ve always wanted, receive a like-new wardrobe for the kiddies and can send gently used garments back to the Lilladu Exchange with piece of mind that these outgrown clothes will not go to waste!

There is no subscription needed, and even an option to purchase without exchanging !

What stood out, for Mom’s Cafe Blog, about the Lilladu Exchange in particular, was their partnerships and non-profit alliances. You can exchange with a purpose ! Currently the Lilladu Exchange is in alliance with the UCPLA, United Cerebal Palsay of Los Angeles, and partial proceeds are donated to this organization when you use the coupon code UCPLA10OFF at check out ! You even receive 10% off ! Check them out!



Many retailers take pride in honoring their pricing and even having a one-up on their competitors.  

Most retailers (such as Target) will allow at time of check-out, price matching, either specific to their own website or even to a competitors. A product may have a lower online price than the price found physically in store.

Know Before you Go…

If you are looking for a specific items mama, make your list. Find its online price, bookmark it and you’re all set! Just make sure to do a bit of research first…price matching can get a bit tricky. Check items, clothing particularly, by SKU number to make sure it is the same product. Watch out for the “Online-Only” fine print. Some promotions are specific to the web.  

Cash-Back/Rebate Apps

If you’ve ever heard the term “You have to spend money to make money”, that does not only apply to business practices. It can apply to moms living their daily life as well! There are several apps that allow consumers to scan/submit receipts and receive cash back for their purchases !

While most are good for grocery shopping, there are a few that cater to specific retailers and departments other than food. Rebate apps such as Ibotta ! Find the apps that partner with your favorite clothing retailers and get cash back for spending !

Share with us how you’ve saved during the kids’ spring shopping ! Mom’s Cafe Blog would love to hear from you !

You can check out our other springtime posts here as well, for more spring goodies!




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