Hello Spring…Shopping! Money Saving Tips (Kids Wardrobe)

Gymboree Sale On Now!

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Hello Mommies ! Spring is here ! Something we always know to be true during a change of season, is not JUST the change of weather, but the change in CLOTHES ! With growing little ones, each season, means a new wardrobe for our babies because they just won’t stop growing! This is one of the many realities of motherhood !

I am such an advocate on budgeting, finding a deal, and saving a coin girl ! Any time I find a sale, I definitely capitalize on that and seize the moment ! Not only does it help this single mama out, on getting all of the little one’s necessities, but it also is quite the adrenaline rush when you “add to cart” and see the price drop dramatically !

So I thought, why not share with the beautiful mommy friends here on Mom’s Cafe Blog ?!

 Here’s how I approach LESSening the strain on my wallet & getting EVERYthing we need…


Typically when doing a shopping haul for my daughter I have my ‘go-to retailers’, that provide the best quality clothing…that don’t easily shrink or fade in the wash, that will endure playtime and that look stylish for my little fashionista, without breaking the bank! Retailers that I have been purchasing from since the time of my child’s birth and will give you the best bang for your buck!

A complete list of my fave children’s clothes retailers, may make mention in a future posting, but first here’s a look at my shopping haul approach that works across the board:


  1. Coupons –

    Once upon a time, I completely ignored coupons, and was almost ashamed to use them at the register. So young…so naive. Silly me! Only to find out that coupons and (thanks to technology) coupon codes are worth it and NECESSARY! That first little bit of savings at the checkout counter had me hooked ! Whether you are physically in-store or “adding to cart” from your phone…find ALLLLLLLL the coupons mama ! Here’s where to look…

  • Search the Circulars/Newspapers/Magazines – Usually these free publications that just “show up” to your home by mail, are tossed as junk but more often than not, you can find some sweet coupons inside & alerts on upcoming deals! Save them! Before you toss that pile of junk, find the hidden treasures !
  • Coupon Sites- There are several services and sites that provide codes and discounts for multiple retailers ! If you find yourself in a store, without any coupons, use your smart phone to google a quick deal and save a few dollars on the fly! I have done this in a pinch NUMEROUS times ! Sites such as:
    Retail me Not
    The Krazy Coupon Lady
    Money Saving Mom
  • Email Sign UpI used to bypass the email-sign up habitually. I felt it too much of a hassle when I was in a rush at check out, or I just didn’t want to fill up my email inbox…and I can tell you I was missing out on ALOT! Instead of viewing the process as an ‘annoyance’ when the clerk at checkout asks for your email, we suggest taking the time to provide it! But ONLY for retailers you KNOW the email signup would benefit YOU. I opt-out on retailers that I frequent maybe once or twice a year…but for my go-to’s and household names, I’m snagging the deals! Email sign-ups not only give you coupons, but insights on retailer marketing tactics. You will soon know without even checking, the type of sales, discounts and promos will be available and WHEN, by studying those retailer habits! Similar stores will also be running promos in competition…sales all around! Be a smart and INFORMED consumer! Save some extra coins mama!

Just for reading, here’s a coupon for you! Just use the code FRIENDSRFAMILY at Gymboree and receive 50% off  your ENTIRE purchase + FREE shipping!                     (Valid thru 3/18/18.)

Get the Best Deals at Gymboree!

Friends and Family Event – 50% Off with code FRIENDSRFAMILY at Gymboree

2. Clearance-

Shopping in clearance can equate to finding gold in a gold mine. The selection may be few and far between but if you search well enough, you may just find useful items at the right price! Before shopping for my daughter, I always hit clearance first, whether in-store or online! Already discounted items, that I can potentially purchase with even more discounts, is music to this mamas ears !

During spring, the weather is not always constant and reverts back to winter-ish ways…Clearance is a great spot to find ‘transition pieces’ for the adjusting season. Winter items are now all completely discounted, in the retailers attempt to rid of these designs & stock. Not warm enough for short sleeves ? Clearance is sure to have those long sleeve tees and sweaters !

Not only is clearance great for the transition pieces but if you purchase a size or two larger, you can buy what you need for next year and AVOID regular price! I have found items as low as $1.00 USD and could not pass it up!

3. Style Subscription/Membership Sites and Boxes-

Shopping isn’t always fun for everyone and can be  quite time consuming, but Thank God for the Internet ! There are awesome style subscription sites and subscription boxes that allow you to shop from the comfort of your own home, offering incentives to subscribers while personalizing your shopping experience! All of your hand-picked styles and fashions come right to your door, without the marathon attempt of getting out the house with the little ones!

If I can just let you mamas know, my child’s foot size has changed THREE times in the same year. I buy sneakers & shoes…for little-to-no wear before we are back in the store buying shoes again…the growth spurts have been REAL. Which means my pockets have also felt some “growing pains.”

To avoid the struggle getting out the door, and the comfort in knowing affordable, stylish and durable shoes can come to my door, I subscribed as a VIP member for JustFabKids!

Allow me to explain…I fell in love with JustFab, when I began online shopping for myself. I have subscribed to JustFabKids, the moment they launched their kids store!!

Sign up as a new VIP member and receive TWO Pairs of shoes for under $10!

With membership programs such as JustFabKids, moms have the option of shopping or not for that month of membership. Either way, the price point is great !  Shopping or opting, is SUPER easy ! The easier, the better right mom?

#MomsCafeBlog would love to hear from you. Who are your favorite retailers when shopping for the kiddies? How do you save ? Do you prefer online shopping or the thrill of picking cute outfits in stores ? Let us know in the comments below…

See you soon for part 2…more savings!!



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