Hello Spring…Cleaning! Spring Cleaning Tips

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Mommies! Spring is upon us! That means so many things! An exciting new season! Maybe a new schedule with the little ones…a start of an extra-curricular, or just more leisure time to enjoy outdoors…

Although spring is often viewed as a time of beauty, for us mommas, it can become a time of agonizing horror! Oh the chaos ! After a season of being cooped up at home, minus the hibernation, mama bear (and her little bears), have spent the past winter collecting, rearranging and hoarding!  It is that time again to refresh our homes with *cue horror music*…

Spring Cleaning!

I don’t know about you Mama, but I don’t exactly look like ‘Snow white whistling to forest animals’ during my spring cleaning sessions. De-cluttering, sterilizing, and organizing an entire home and for MULTIPLE people, although somewhat therapeutic, can be a bit overbearing. BUT have no fear…this Mom is here with some Spring Cleaning Tips!  

  1. Strategy: Create the Game Plan 

Yes ma’am…that says strategy. If for no other reason then your own sanity, tackle this task the best way that works for you and your family. Map this out, create a blueprint, a play-by-play (all you sports-moms can relate) You’re gunna need an offense and some defense!

What I prefer in my household is to list which tasks are needed to complete. Often I list in order by section of the home (upstairs/downstairs/bedrooms etc…), level of difficulty and time consumption (greatest to least.)

Because as a mom, schedule is everything, getting to clean in one swoop may not be possible. I choose the best calendar day, to complete the task at hand. As an example, I prefer to start with the second floor and work my way down. The most difficult/time consuming task on the second floor, may be organizing and transitioning all of the closets. Spring/Summer OUT…Winter/Fall IN. (This may consist of also some ‘side tasks’ if you will…i.e. laundry and ironing.) 



  1. Organization Tools

Part of organizing a home, is more than finding a place for things to go, but a clear and concise area and/or object to put them. Easy to put away, easy to find. Storage, as important as it is, does not have to be ugly or bulky. Storage options range from simply functional to stylishly chic! You can even find storage bins & shelving items that match your home decor, and turn them into statement pieces!  Target has some great items that I personally love and hope you will too! Target is great for some quick, stylish finds and great deals!

Can I share a secret with you mommy? Right now through March 10th, 2018, (plastic) Home Storage Containers at Target are 15% off !


Photo credit: Target.com

Shown above:

*Woven Cube-Room Essentials 

*Wicker Folio Bin 

*3 Sprouts Canvas XL Round Storage Bin (for the kiddies) 

Target has some sweet deals right now JUST for our spring cleaning needs ! Don’t miss it mommies! These deals are for a limited time only ! Plus free shipping on orders of $35 or more!

For extra savings, which means more cash in your wallet…sign up for Target’s RED Card if you haven’t already and save 5% !

  1. Cleaning Products

These products are a moms best friend! To rid of germs and bacteria that so easily accumulate across all surfaces, mommies EVERYWHERE are looking for the best, most effective, economical and possibly environmentally safe cleaning products. Deep cleaning your home is an important part of the Spring Cleaning Regime !

Deep cleaning my home is actually my favorite…and least favorite part of the whole ordeal. I’m happy to see everything sparkling at home…but the ELBOW grease involved ! *phew* More like a deep WORKOUT!

Spring Cleaning = Gym Membership 


A few of my cleaning product must haves are :

*Clorox Bleach (Lavendar Scented)

*Method All Purpose Cleaner + Method Bathroom Cleaner

*Cleaning/Disinfectant Wipes ( Necessary !! )

For all of my liquid cleaners, I prefer them in spray bottles. Spray bottles, limit the amount of waste, and are easier to apply product over specific areas/surfaces I’ve noticed. Just a bit more efficient + minimal effort….It’s the little things. If I can’t purchase in a spray bottle (that has the option to lock of course…don’t want little one’s being able to open)….I will purchase the larger bottles and transfer into my own spray bottles & just refill later ! #MomHack

Let us know some of your must-have products in the comments ! P.s…Can any momma help out with recommending an organic brand/product that SUPER-whitens tiles ? That would be so awesome!…#momsupport

Since we’re already filling up our carts, in our natural mom-habitat, we might as well take advantage of the deal on household essentials!

Save $10 when you spend $40 on Household essentials. Valid 3/4-3/10

  1. Fun Family: Involvement

To take a load off your shoulders moms, make spring cleaning a fun family activity ! The whole fam can join in…kids…partners…the dog! Allow others to assist you where they can ! Work smarter not harder ! This is not only getting the job done, but can also strengthen the family dynamic and bond, by creating a project that takes team effort. If the little ones can’t handle the heavy duty things, can they pick up their own toys? Or help throw clothes in the bin? Who can match socks the quickest?! And if that is not enough hands to help…find some ingenious gadgets to make life easier, like the Robo Vac 11 vacuum, mentioned in our Gadgets for Mom: Our Amazon Favorites blog post. Check it out here !

Untitled design.png

#MomsCafeBlog would love to hear from you. How do you cope with the change in season and organizing your household? What products do you use ? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you! Share your #MomStory.  



  1. I try to get my daughters involved in the cleaning up process. It actually takes much longer this way because they are toddlers. However, it’s a good lesson for them to learn early on.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how my space looks after a deep clean, but I absolutely hate the cleaning part. I always start with so much excitement and energy and I quickly get overwhelmed. Making a to do list and breaking it up by room will certainly help. Thanks for the tip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Motivation is hard to come by sometimes. Especially for big projects ! I’ve had to split up my cleaning over the course of several days just to keep the WANT to do it lol…hope you get there ! Thanks for reading !


  3. I am super OCD when it comes to cleaning and cleaning products. I am like obsessed. This post just fed my obsession so thank you. LOL I needed to read this. I need to start getting stuff ready for spring cleaning.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wonderful article! I am in the midst of not only the early stages of spring cleaning, but also MOVING so any and all tips on how to make it easier are greatly appreciated! 😉 Happy *almost* spring!!! ❤


  5. Great and super helpful post!! Not only am I in the midst of some early spring cleaning, but i’m also MOVING in a couple weeks!! So you can only imagine!! Any and all advice to simplify that process is super handy. THANK YOU!! and happy *almost* spring 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. My cleaning strategy is 1 room a day! It’s all I can manage during the week but really helps me keep on top of things, especially with 3 boys! & whatever’s left I split into chores for the kids on Saturday, doing it buys them PlayStation time! It works!!! X

    Liked by 1 person

  7. When Spring cleaning time approach I usually go hide in the corner and wish the time away. I never thought to make an actual schedule and do a little bit at a time.


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