Black History Month Celebration of: Children’s Books vol. 3

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In celebration and honor of Black History month, Mom’s Cafe Blog has some amazing children’s books to share with you lovely mommies, all written by some amazing African-American authors…and guess what ?! You get to meet the authors right here in our Black History Month Celebration Series!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out Volume I & Volume II !

This week’s Featured Children’s Book is….

Smarty Puffs: Bilingual Books for Children of Color

by Tamika Hall

Front Cover-Smarty Puffs

About the Book 

The first book in the Smarty Puffs series teaches the basic greetings! Learn how to carry on a basic conversation after reading this book with your child. This colorful book will help your child’s early reading and comprehension skills and features English and Spanish on every page.

And when the Lord is heard, it must come with power and conviction as it makes the word of God productive in someone’s life. The story is all about faith with Faith being the main character. This is the first installment of a series ‘Faith The Next Generation.

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About the Author 

tamika hall

Tamika is known by most as a radio host and for her music or theatre, but many don’t know that she has had a love for language since childhood. Tamika fell in love with Spanish at the age of eight years old when she heard her Sunday School teacher translate for a family at a church event.

With more than ten years in education, she holds a degree in Theatre and Minor in Hispanic Studies from Washington College and has created bilingual programming for more than a decade.

Smarty Puffs was created to solve two problems. First, as a teacher Tamika saw students of color shying away from foreign language. Secondly, as a parent, she and her husband could not find books that related to their children to help spread their love for Spanish.

Tamika lives in Maryland with her hubby, Terrelle, their four children, and puppy, “Diamond.”





Our Author Q&A: 

  1. What began your writing journey and what motivated you to pen this children’s book?
I have four children and they are the guinea pigs for my projects (poor things, lol!). My daughters, Andraya (age 13) and Amari (age 10) were used in the creation of Smarty Puffs. First, I can’t do hair, so when they were little the only thing I could really well were Afro Puffs J. When my youngest daughter, Amari, was eight years old, she asked for her hair to be styled in two Afro Puffs and she was teased at school about it. I wanted her to know that she can wear her hair however she wants and when I decided to push forward with this project I took photos of each of daughter and worked with an illustrator to have her design a character that looks like my babies. One of the traits, I wanted her to have supersized afro puffs. Also, Amari is the voice of Smarty Puffs who releases a, “Word of the Day,” video everyday-ish :).
The idea for penning the Smarty Puffs Series developed on a few different levels and took about three months to complete. First, as a parent, my husband and I were looking for creative ways to teach our children Spanish. As an educator, I saw students of color consistently failing Spanish and I would create study groups and fun ways for them to learn the language. I found that all of the students were shocked that I spoke Spanish, and were generally more receptive to learning from me. When Smarty Puffs was being developed I remembered how I fell in love with the language and decided to try and connect with students early in age to spark a love for them as well. I wanted the books to foster family time and help build language skills. Children will learn to read and speak the language.

2. Is there one black woman from history or present day that has inspired you?

YES! I have always wanted to be Oprah, lol. I’ve probably written at least five papers about her from fifth grade through my college career. She is my business and entertainment shero.

3. In your opinion, how can we teach our children to unify people of all colors and backgrounds ?

I grew up all over the world and that taught me how to get along with people of all races and backgrounds. I learned how to connect with folks even if we didn’t speak the same language. The challenge is about bringing cultural experiences to children who may never have the opportunity to travel outside of the country. I believe that exposing children to culture through books, apps, and videos like that of Smarty Puffs is one way to bridge the gap.

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