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This blog post is featuring #MomCafeBlog’s favorite gadgets for mom all available and featured on, but before we get into our list, a few blog posts ago, I believe I mentioned I would tell a certain #MomStory, so here we are. Allow me to paint this picture for you:

Single mother. New job…that means no days off. First day of school.

We had just moved into a new house. New neighborhood…new surroundings and it was the little one’s first day at her new school. Starting First Grade. ALOT of firsts going on here…BOY was I a proud but NERVOUS mama. Anyone else get first day jitters ?

What made the day so nerve-wrecking, was the fact that everything was so new. New grade, new education faculty…everything. There was not one soul that was familiar to either one of us here. BUT nonetheless, the show must go on!

Fast-forward…our morning routine went well. However, all day at the office, I’m jittery, nervously tapping my pen, checking the clock. Counting the hours. Now why was I so nervous? Didn’t I have a set plan ? Which I did. The plan, already confirmed with the school district weeks prior, was as follows:

At dismissal, the school bus would drop her off to her after-school program; being that most parents with full-time jobs don’t leave work until hours after school lets-out. The perfect set-up for us at the time.


Everything seemed to be going according to schedule…as far as I can tell during the grueling hours away from my child. Then at about 3:45 pm my phone rings, “Mommy I’m home. I’m getting off the bus now.”


Not the plan. Not the plan AT ALL! I immediately leaped from my desk grabbed my keys and was out the door. The entire time I could hear what seemed to be the driver, and the CB radio…must have been dispatch. I could hear other kids and my child who now through all the commotion has started to get upset, as they load her back onto the bus. (I was talking her through, the whole way)

Without making this #MomStory too long, my child was put on the wrong bus route.

In all of this, I had already called the school directly to inform THEM of the “mistake”, and informed the bus driver as well. I did not get an official call from the school until about an hour later. By that time, I had already beaten the bus back to school and was waiting for it to pull into the lot.

#1 Verizon Gizmo Pal2

A smartwatch-

We’ve had the Gizmo for about one week only, prior-to the start of school. We’ve practiced how to use it, went over its purpose and on its FIRST day, we HAD to put it to use. If it had not been for this gadget, she would not have been able to call me directly and I would not have known where my child was or even that there was something wrong for HOURS. I would not have been able to put her nerves to ease, let alone my own. The situation would have been much worse given the response times of all the adults struggling to figure out what was going on.

This thing has put my mind to ease several times. I can track location right from my phone, set-auto answer and have other family members contact her if need-be.

This is why the Verizon Gizmo Pal2 by LG is #1 on #MomsCafeBlog’s Fave #MomGadget List.  The perfect gadget for mom, and can be purchased directly from Amazon. Here are a few other faves:

#2 Amazon Fire TV – I ❤ this thing. Read our #MomStory about our ordeal with our Fire TV at home in this blog post here

#3 Robo Vac 11 – for the mom who needs to save some time & spend more with the kiddies. I always find myself thinking of the activities I can shorten, to spend all the time I can with my growing little one. Time is precious..why not a machine that can do something for us? 

#4 Infant Optics Baby Monitor – it has been a while but technology certainly continues to change (for the better), especially for us moms who need to keep an eye on the little ones, even for simple things like “Bathroom Breaks.” The most popular baby monitor available on Amazon right now! *Amazon’s Choice*

 #5 Wireless Perfect Bake Pro Smart Kitchen Scale and Recipe App – Ok so #MomConfession…I am not the best at baking. All the bake sale goodies and party cupcakes & treats have never been my forte. I’ve always struggled with getting it right but finally someone understood and now life is so much easier with this little baby! Follow the recipes with prompts from the app telling you when you’ve added just enough & are doing a great job! Recommended to make your life easier when you’re baking mommas! Definitely check out the featured video for this product on Amazon’s website.

If you would like to know more of #MomsCafeBlog’s fave Gadgets for Mom Amazon faves, let us know in the comment section. Even share some of your own ! What helps you in your everyday life mom? We look forward to hearing from you. Share your #MomStory 



  1. Scary story! Glad you beat the bus back to school so your little one didn’t have to wait any longer. Great gadget reviews, what is the gadget in your cover photo? Holding a tablet and such. I need one of those!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was my exact thought process before I purchased the Gizmo & turned out to be a great alternative. I knew we needed a way to contact each other, but a phone seemed a bit too much for my little one at 6.


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