Mom vs. TV: Tips to ReConnect with Your Child

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So mom, you know that secret we all have?…ya know…that one thing that we ALL do from time to time but don’t tell anyone? Occasionally it happens while we’re cooking dinner or folding laundry. No ?  Can’t quite put your finger on it? Okay…let me help you out:

Letting the Television Watch Our Children!

There I said it ! *phew* That took a load off. After all, admitting it is the first step.

We all from time to time have been a little guilty of letting our children sit in front of the television just so we can accomplish AND finish something. But allow me to tell this #Momstory about what occurred in my home this past week.

We do not have cable because we have the magnificent (highly recommended might I add) Amazon Fire TV. The second best appliance I have ever purchased! The first being the Verizon Gizmo Pal 2, mentioned in this blog post here. This week, our Amazon Fire TV remote has broken…

Now how it broke, is another story for another time, but I can hear the echo of my own voice repeating “Put it Down.”…but that’s neither here nor there. Nonetheless, for a split second (maybe 2 minutes) after the reality of the situation had sunk in, both my daughter and I were temporarily mortified at this. That may be an exaggeration but I felt disappointment well up…and she certainly was beginning the well of crocodile tears. I remember briefly thinking about all the times I managed to wash the dishes un-interrupted because the “Daddy Shark” music video was replaying. I thought to myself… ‘Those times are over’…

And then I had to snap us BOTH back into reality.  

This cannot be. I certainly cannot allow us to be this emotionally triggered by materialistic things. No, no, no. This is something I intentionally steer away from. A moment of weakness *faints*

I am actually disappointed in myself , because of course I know better. Aren’t I supposed to be the great role model here ? So of course this is going to be a teaching lesson and a reminder for myself included.

I sat my daughter down, first to discuss our reactions…and explain that TV is not the most important thing in the world. In fact, a lot of people do not even have TV, or their own room to watch it in, or even homes to live in. I asked her thoughts on what was important, and the little one’s response was “Friends, family and food to eat.” I could not help but leap for joy on the inside. Outwardly, I simply grinned…

With that, I took a moment to reflect on how often we spend quality time during the week outside of our normal routine- which means, after homework, aside from bath time, dinner not included etc….REAL quality time is usually minimal.

This lack of television is the perfect time to re-connect and just simply enjoy each other’s company and the little things. I quickly grabbed pen and paper and began to jot down activities we could partake in together during this tv-free time, and made ourselves a little schedule, which we even plan to stick to after our tv “situation has been resolved:

Monday-Reading Stories Together/Storytime

Tuesday-Puzzles and Board Games

Wednesday-Coloring & Conversation  

Thursday-Cooking with Mommy

Friday-Game Night (favorite games of your child’s choice)

Saturday-Fun (Errand) Runs



Mom’s Cafe Blog, is encouraging all mommies, even if just as an experiment, to rule-out something we subconsciously depend on, like “TV”, just to connect with our children a little more. We know how busy schedules can be and how easy it is to lose sight/track of quality time in all of it. Of course we know we can never get enough but we can give our all! Share your #MomStory on what your ideas to reconnect OR what you have already worked into your routine with your children. We would love to hear!  




  1. I’m guilty for this too. I also liked how you have activities on certain days. I definitely need to give this a try with my two year old. Great post!

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