Blizzard vs. the Working Mom

Today, 2018 brought in its first Blizzard.

So that means for us, our first snow day, as virtually everything has shut down in our “State of Emergency” declared by our government.

This is definitely a work from home day. A time to catch up with our little ones; have some quality time with some indoor activities. Our school district is shut down for tomorrow as well, so it will be Snow Day the Sequel…but I know we are fortunate and this is not the case for everyone.

I was speaking with one of my closest friends, who happens to be an educator. She will be working tomorrow and her young students expected to attend, despite the dangerous travel conditions and wind chills.

All day today it has weighed heavy on my heart for those parents who have no choice but to send their children to school. Not simply because school is “open”, but also because they are forced to go to work and will have no childcare.

Believe it or not, not all private companies will close their doors and stop business for a day. It is not always possible for parents to request, or even be granted a day off…especially for those who are unpaid for non-working days. Financially there is not always that freedom.

On a personal level, if I can just share a #MomStory...there was a time some years back when I was in this same situation. A huge storm, business open, and the risk of being unpaid and terminated from employment was evident. As a single, working mother, I believe my option had already been chosen. Experiencing this first hand, I never want to forget those mommas who push through!

All of this to say…

I believe we first as human beings…need to do better in such circumstances. As employers, as districts, as communities, as systems…

I feel confident that we as a society are moving progressively in this regard–but until then, what other changes can be made ?

What we can do today, is make sure we donate to our local coat drives such as One Warm Coat, to assist in making sure every child is properly clothed to bear the weather. We can volunteer for companies offering forms of mass transportation to create the safest possible commutes etc…

Share some (local) organizations in the comments to help spread awareness of how people can help those children and parents in need. #Momstory #MomsHelpingMoms  #MomSupport #MomCommunity #MomsCafeBlog




  1. It really is so crazy how different businesses treat storms and things. I worked at a place that only closed down if they absolutely had to, whether it was a danger to employees or not. It never snowed much where I lived so they never closed. Only on Christmas day, like, ever. :\

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  2. This is such an important topic! We can do better as humans, nothing could be more true. We might not be able to change policies of employers but we can love and support each other through the difficult times. One Warm Coat sounds like a great organization! Glad you were able to stay home – and hopefully safe and warm!

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