A Six Year Old’s Take on 2017: #MomsCafe2018Challenge

As we are closing the year, many of us are taking time to reflect on our past success’ and triumphs. Many of us are looking forward to the future and creating new goals to accomplish! Of course us as grown-ups have sooooo many things to think about, and often the close of the year can be the most trying…not to mention extremely hectic. As I was reminiscing on my year and drafting my new goals for the months to come, I did not want to forget the  voice of my little one. I wanted to get her take on her year these past 12 months and wanted to hear and understand what she has in mind for her future as well! So I decided to sit down and interview my six year old daughter. Here are some of her wonderful responses:

1. What was your favorite thing that happened this year (2017)?

Christmas…family and friends ! We got to eat delicious food, have presents and we got to spend time with each other.

2. You turned 6 in 2017…now that this year is almost over. How did it feel being six years old? What’s the best part about being 6?

I feel like a second-grader now ! I can help you with things. I can wash the dishes and clean my room and help do the laundry. Sometimes mommy lets me pack my own lunch for school.

3. What was your not-so favorite thing about this year ?

I did not get to see my cousin KiKi for Christmas.

4. What do you think (you/we) can improve on ? What can we try our best to get better at for next year?

We can invite friends and family over to our house more often. If we see someone who is alone, we can ask if they have anyone to play with and play with them. We can make new friends.

5. Do you have any goals for 2018?

I would like to try out my new roller skates and learn because I do not know how to roller skate yet.

Also, I would like to continue making good choices in 2018 to get 100 gold stars in school.

6. Do you think mommy will let you stay up until midnight for the New Years celebration?

Yes because we all have to stay up for New Year’s Eve so we can do the countdown!

7. What is a good way to celebrate?

When it is almost time for the countdown, our family can come together quickly! We can do the countdown together and cheer with pom-poms and party-blowers!

8. How do you think we can help the world in 2018?

We can help the world by cleaning up our Earth and sharing food if other people do not have anything to eat.

We can help people who get hurt with our “safety kit” and everyone can help each other to stay safe.

We can help the world by saying “excuse me.”…If you cannot see, and you want to get to the front of a parade you can say “excuse me” and use your manners.

We can help the world by ignoring people who are being mean and giving thumbs up to people who are being nice. If we see someone who is not being nice to someone else, we can tell them to stop and stick up for others.

#MomsCafeBlogwould love to hear from you!

With this final post for 2017, we would like to create a fun challenge for other parenting/mommy bloggers! See below: 

***  #MomsCafe2018Challenge  ***


This challenge consists of you interviewing your child/children and finding out their favorite…or least favorite highlights for this past year and creating a blog post with their answers !  

Challenge Rules:

  1. Ask your child a minimum of 8 questions (as you see above), related to 2017 & 2018
  2. Reference & include link to this post to share with other bloggers who may want to participate in the challenge. Here’s the link:  https://wp.me/p9oAzD-6U
  3. Use the hashtag #MomsCafe2018Challenge so we may see all of your amazing posts shared through social media
  4. Have fun!! Have fun and enjoy the time you are spending with your child/children.

Feel free to include in the comments, the link to your #MomsCafe2018Challenge blog posting.

This challenge is open throughout the whole month of January 2018! Challenge ends February 1st 2018.

If any questions, we may be reached directly via email momscafeblog@gmail.com .

Thanks for reading!



  1. What a wise little girl!! I love the challenge idea, alas I won’t be able to join. My 11 week old would reply with something along the lines of a wolf howling – insightful chatter I don’t understand yet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes do it!! Interviewing my little let me see how her little mind works and what she’s been thinking. I think you’ll find it even more fun than she does ! Lol #momscafe2018challenge


  2. I love this interview. Children have such a great perspective and we can learn a lot from them. Your little has such a big helping heart. She likes to pitch in and that is so sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much ! Happy new year! I can’t wait to hear what your little one has to say! Kids are awesome ! Don’t forget to tag or link this post so I can check out your interview 🙂 #momscafe2018challenge


  3. My son is only 8 months old, but I would love to do this once he gets older. Asking him real questions that encourage him to think sounds so interesting! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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