A Holiday Note to the Disheartened Mother : You are not Alone

I believe today is the last day of #blogmas for this year, but this blogmas post is going to be a little different than the others. Although all of the festivities are wonderful, the crafts, the movies…etc… I would just like to touch on the other side of Christmas, that is rarely discussed because it is a bit of a damper on the “Holiday Spirit.”

Just for a moment, I would like to speak to the disheartened mom who was unable to buy gifts for her children this holiday season. Who has been struggling financially to make ends meet, for whatever the reason. The single mom, the divorced mom, the widowed mom, the mom with two jobs and whom is in school to get her degree. The mom who may be putting herself under certain stresses because she feels she has done a disservice to her children…You are not alone. Many moms, myself included, have been in the same scenario; But

Mom, you are doing an excellent job!

Your children are not going to resent you for what is or is not underneath the tree. What matters first and foremost is that they are loved. Gifts do not determine if they are or how much they are loved; love surpasses any tangible items. The reason for the season, no matter your beliefs, are to bring joy, love and unity. Teach your children to love one another, to love people in all walks of life, stages and journeys. Teach your children to express love in other ways, than through objects of monetary value…

“I look back on my childhood and thanks to the stars above. For everything you gave me, but mostly for your love.” ~Wayne F. Winters

Mom, you are doing a great job. You are nurturing and providing for your children the best way you know how. And know that you ARE enough. No one loves your children more than you.

Children are resilient. As they grow older, what they will remember is that their mom may not have been able to stack gifts underneath the tree this year, but they somehow never wanted for anything. They will remember and appreciate, when they grow old, their mother making sure they ate dinner and made it to school. They will remember when mommy kissed their “boo-boos”, and stayed up all night when they were sick. They will remember when mommy attended their recital and was first in line at their lemonade stand.

Sometimes we forget as mothers, that we have the most important job in the world. And we as women, are the strongest to do it. God has allowed us to bring forth life. And with that, he has given us the same strength to persevere throughout all of its pains and challenges.

I am reminded, especially this season, of Mary, the Mother of Jesus–a women who has come from humble beginnings. Although she knew her child was Great, the King of Kings, she did not live in a palace. She did not have all of the riches of the earth but she knew her purpose. Her purpose to raise a soul that, (to put it lightly), would uplift and edify the human race…

Be encouraged.

Remember your purpose mom. Your purpose is greater than anything money can buy.

If you walk in your purpose, you will be giving the greatest gift to your children, (and to mankind), that you can possibly give…

“…don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting goods seeds, for the season of reaping the wonder harvest you’ve planted is coming!”~Galatians 6:9


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  1. Wonderful words, sry encouraging. Shows how far away from the reason for the season we have gone. The unnecessary pressure that we place on ourselves every year. The season should be be about love and recognizing the Lord’s sacrifice for us. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. Thank you for the feedback ! Yes as a society we have drifted away from the reason for the season. It is very easy for us to put unnecessary stress on ourselves. We always need the reminder and a little pick me up ❤


  2. The holidays is more than just gifts and toys, thanks for this reminder. I too am one of the mothers that was dishearted, so I went and did some Uber and got my daughter a few things. But I teach her its more than just about gifts, this is a holiday about loving and caring for one another.

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  3. As someone without kids but a mom who feels like she doesn’t do enough, I can relate with this. This year I took my family on holiday and said no gifts – lets just be together. Best Christmas we have had in years and there was no pressure.

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  4. This post is really thoughtful.Finally,the best gift from a mom to a child is unconditional love.This is the season to spend more time with kids as they love that more than anything.

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  5. This season can truly be stressful if we lose sight of the reason behind the hoildays. I am grateful to be surrounded by a lot of people who like myself, choose not to stress and put undo pressure on ourselves. Great post!!!!!! Sharing

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  6. I love to hear the story of you have conveyed It makes me think of those stories that you’ll see on movies. It really sad for those who are in this sad situation. There are people who are luckier than they’ve ever thought I really hope that they will realize how luckier they are and that they will share it to others.

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