Christmas in Como: Traveling Mom Chronicles

As you may have read in the previous blog post, i am currently abroad on business. If you haven’t read yet…Guess where I am?!

*drumroll please*

ITALY!!! wooooooo-hoooo

Can you tell I’m a bit excited?!

Now that my planning for travel without my baby is underway, I am a bit more at ease and can take a moment throughout the hard work to enjoy myself just a bit. After all mom’s NEED to have fun too!

One of the things I truly love about Italy, is the fact that depending on where you are, each of the cities have their own identity. Each area has its own culture but one thing I notice to be a constant is the marketplace. Typical of Italy’s historic “infrastructure” if you will, towns thrive off of these marketplaces. Local goods are sold, whether it’s from a baker or painter, copa from a local farmer or nuvola (typical Christmastime dessert) from the baker. Here in Northern Italy, I’ve had some of the undeniably best ‘mountain’ cheeses I’ve ever had; simply incomparable to anywhere I’ve ever been and I LOVE cheese. But I mean come on…I’m in Italy. Wasn’t cheese invented here ?

The first city I had the pleasure to visit this trip is Como City…off of Como Lake. (If you have heard of this town before…yes George Clooney does have his villa here…and it’s gorgeous!)

Como is a city located in front of a large lake (Como Lake) but nestled between two mountain sides.


Apart from this city’s standard beauty, it is adorned for CHRISTMAS!!! I have had the most wonderful experience here!

The buildings are lit. Local music is played in the streets…warm, spiced wine, typical of this area called ” vin brulé” from a street vendor. How many mamas love their wine? Show of hands please lol

My evening was spent here to experience the culture of the marketplace and for traditional dinner specific to this area.

By nightfall, God purposely created the perfect winter wonderland. My night in Como has been made complete with huge snow flurries.

Beautiful city + Christmas lights & decor + SNOW.

This Christmas Crazy momma was in complete joy and bliss! Some highlights below:

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  1. This so excitiing!! And it is so true that wherever you go in Italy, every place has it’s own spirit and vibe. As if you are in a different universe every time! Great post and experiance! Thank you for sharing❤❤❤


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