SuperMom vs. Kryptonite: Mom’s & Migraines

Even Supermom has her kryptonite and this weekend it hit me…A migraine.

My planned family fun filled weekend, my errands, cleaning…everything halted.
I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever experienced a migraine, but this is no normal headache. Your sensitivity to light, smell and sound becomes extremely heightened. Even simple motions are impossible to bear. Rarely is there a remedy to stop it; The only option most times, is to ride it out until IT subsides on its own. BUT, in search of ANY possible assistance in alleviating the paid, I stumbled across blog post by blog author laurenellen and she has described it perfectly:

“Migraines stop your life, they stop you from doing things you have planned, they stop you from going to work, when the pain is so strong you can’t move. If you haven’t suffered you might not be able to understand but trust me when I say that I would’t wish this pain on my worst enemy!”  via My Story With Migraines… —

Of course this would occur at the most inconvenient time (As if a migraine is EVER convenient.) I had every intention of spending precious moments with my babygirl; especially now that my business trip is just shy of 1 week away.
This weekend…this particular hour, baby girl wanted to play the drums.
I couldn’t join her in excitement and joy.

“Mommy look!”

I could only force my grimacing into smiles and nod my approval.

This is not my first run-in with the “beast” and I’m constantly scouting methods to defeat it. I’ve grown tired of having to succumb and miss plans, miss smiles…moments.
So I turned the music up, no matter how it pained me, and joined my babygirl in the fun!

I write this to you now, practically curled in a ball, but with no regrets. So, if there are any mom’s out there who suffer from migraines, please share your #MomStory on how you push through and/or if there are any solutions in alleviating this excruciating pain.

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  1. This is my life! I have been suffering from hormone migraines since my son was born over 3 years ago. They have been increasing in frequency and intensity recently and I’m so fed up. Ive tried every over the counter medication. I’ve tried combining them. I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing helps. This past week, I was taken out 3 days by these beasts and I hate missing out on so much time with my son.

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    1. Know the feeling Momma. It’s extremely frustrating especially when nothing seems to be working. For myself I’ve found certain triggers and try to catch it before it gets to “level 10” migraine. Keep pushing through the best way you know how!


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