Holiday Traditions

YES! Christmas is here ! The holiday season is my favorite season! I am pretty confident that I have been waiting for this since December 26th…LAST YEAR! I know the little ones feel the magic in the air as well! At least mine does. The apple doesn’t fall far right ? I take this time as the perfect opportunity to do THE most fun, quirky, over-the-top activities with my family. It makes my heart smile.

This past weekend, in the spirit of holiday cheer, after my dollar store haul (You can read about that from a previous post), it was time to prepare the living quarters!…Cue the Drama!  

We are in a brand new home so my canvas is clear for decorating and I am excited for my color scheme. Soft blue-ish grays, a hint of white, and a sparkle of gold!


I’ve purchased a new tree this year. Although we’ve done real trees before, I felt this time around we needed a keepsake that we are able to reuse if we choose to do so. For the alcove-like ceilings in my living room 6 ½ feet would have to do…or else we risk not having a star to sit atop our topiary.

I definitely fell in love with the <a href="http://National Tree 6.5 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>National Tree Company’s faux trees: Completely realistic. I’ve passed by a few in a local retailer but thought I’d wait and shop around for better pricing. This is also known as procrastinating. Low and behold I found it, and let me tell you moms, just in the knick of time! If you’re anything like me with a crazy schedule, and you’ve missed the mark on the holiday planning a little bit, never fear…Amazon prime is here!! (Seriously…a life and time SAVER) Here’s where I found it:

<a href="http://“>National Tree 6.5 Foot Dunhill 

Anywho, aside from finally purchasing the tree, we continued on with our holiday traditions:

  • Decorating with all the holiday classics playing in the backdrop to create the magical ambiance!

In addition to adorning my home with cheer, an annual tradition is…

  • Partaking in Christmas crafts  and/or (outdoor) activity.

This year we built a gingerbread house together!


Does baking count as a craft ? It’s a craft right ? I mean it takes a lot of skill…from someone who is absolutely NOT Martha Stewart. Crafting with your children creates a wonderful bonding experience, with memories that’ll last us a lifetime, and hopefully stories to be passed on for generations. Not to mention, it kept my 6 year old occupied for the moment !

Lastly, by Christmas Eve, we are opening at least ONE present, which is usually our…drumroll please….

  • Matching Christmas Jammies!!

I told you quirky! I love it! Matching jammies makes for album-ready photos the morning-of! Super adorabs. Did someone say #Twinsies ?

We would love to hear what fun things your family does during the holidays! Which holiday does your family celebrate and what are your traditions?  

Share your #MomStory with us in the comments below & follow us here for instant notification of new blog posts! You can also contact #MomsCafeBlog directly, by sending us an email to



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