Whoaaa Baby!

Something’s different. Something’s new. To put it lightly…your whole world has just been turned inside out. The most life-changing moment you will EVER experience. Now, we can come together in this #MomCafe and discuss this truly beautiful journey. Such a JOYOUS occasion…which it is! I mean just look at that ‘wittle face’…But the other side of this wonderful reality, shows itself when you think you know what’s going on, and you have No…IDEA!

Welcome to Motherhood.

There are a few of us (moms) that frequent this cafe. Some new. Some have done this a few times over. Some have help. Some only themselves. It’s a handful of beautiful crazy. No matter our #MomStory, we may all be able to agree that some days feel less than…uh…beautiful. Why paint a perfect picture that doesn’t always exist? Of course, if we could manage painting the Mona-Lisa, we would. I’m sure we definitely have all tried. But sometimes…just sometimes, making it out the front door without cheeto stains on our pants counts as success !

#MomsCafeBlog is here for you to spill the tea honey! Truths and Triumphs. Sit and escape the noise.